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You can’t love a person or place too much. To describe Peru in words is like trying to describe the beauty and depth of the ocean to a person who has never seen or smelled the salt air; or viewed the magical world that lives beneath the deep blue. And yet it is my job to do so with you here and now.

I start by saying that there are times in life for adventure, and times in life for stability. A cosmic harmony, and balancing of life. When your time for adventure beckons. Insight Peru Tours, will help you choose the best that Peru has to offer.

Peru is My beloved and sacred home. It is also a vacation destination. It will also be an adventure for your body, mind, spirit, and soul. Cusco, the city in the heart of the Andes, is said to be the navel or center point of the Earth herself. The palpable feeling of life, renewal, and support by nature that can be felt her by all who are open.

In the Incan culture, Animals hold a special significance The Jaguar, Hummingbird, Condor, and Serpent all occupied a sacred place in the heart of the Incas 1000 years ago and still do today. All four animals represent stability and change.

The vitality of the Incan culture lives and breathes today, much as it did  1000 years ago. In Peru, history is not remembered just as a thing of the past, but as a living, breathing part of everyday life. In the high communities, the dress, language, dances, songs, celebrations, customs, and rituals, are the same as they were 600 ago at the height of the Incan Empire. These people are the Andes themselves – eating what they grow and harvest, breathing the sweet air, and living a traditional lifestyle born of these mountains; the same way their ancestors did, and the ones before them.

Here at Insight Peru Tours, we urge you to join us on an adventure of a lifetime. We offer a myriad of tours to choose from our main options. Or, design your own adventure with our knowledgeable staff. This is your adventure, your vacation, your discovery. At Insight Peru Tours, we support you in your adventure so that you are free to experience Peru. Don’t worry about the details. Leave the details to us!

We leave the freedom, fun, and adventure to YOU!

Visiting Cusco is an unforgettable experience in a magical city that fuses past glory culture and tradition magical archaeological sites surrounded by mountains and rivers and valleys unique scenery here is beautiful Cusco the center of the universe for the Inka empire became one of Spanish most important cities and cultural center colony during the time of the Republic of Peru, today is diverse cosmopolitan and cultural cities in South America.

The ancient capital of the Incas undoubtedly the scene of the great adventures like the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Cusco expect another unforgettable beauty for you

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